Types of Massage Offered

Swedish – long, light strokes, deep kneading, friction, tapping and stretching. Highly beneficial for stress reduction.

Deep Tissue – slow, deep pressure strokes aimed at freeing congestion from muscle attachment sites, and reorganizing chronically contracted tissue. Promotes increased circulation and range of motion.

Sports Massage – deep massage that assists with injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, and improving athletic performance.

Neuromuscular Therapy – deep,specific work that releases trigger points. Assists with reduction of muscular pain and inflammation, helps with injury rehabilitation, and assists with re-aligning postural distortions.

Reiki/Healing Touch – two energy-based therapeutic approaches to healing involving the application of light touch.

LaStone Therapy – massage with heated basalt stones and cooled marble stones, coupled with deep energy work. Ideal for deep relaxation and reconnecting with the earth’s energy.

Aromatherapy – the use of essential oils and plants for therapeutic effect. Helps the body fight infection, initiate regeneration, and assists with stress reduction.

Myofascial Release – a hands-on soft tissue technique that facilitates a stretch into restricted fascia (the connective tissue surrounding every muscle). Excellent for injury rehabilitation and re-aligning postural problems.

Pet Massage – massage adapted for animals, such as dogs, horses, and cats applying variations of traditional massage, Healing Touch, acupressure and animal communication.

Chair Massage – massage performed while a clothed client sits on a specialized chair. Usually in a corporate setting, but also great for gifts at weddings, birthday parties, etc.